Thai Nam History

1967 was the year Thai Nam Group 【TNG】first established itself with the inception of Thai Nam Rubber International Co., Ltd. to produce rubber bands of all sizes and quality. It has since become one of the leaders in its field of manufacture in Thailand.

Based on the strength of Thai Nam Rubber International Co., Ltd. 【TNRI】. The group ventured into another field of manufacturing and the year was 1977 when Thai Nam Rubber & Plastic Limited Partnership 【TNRP】 was set up. This new company was responsible for distributing Thai Nam's product thought out Thailand. The couple years later Thai Nam Poly Pack Co., Ltd. 【TNPP】was established for flexible packaging production, since then the group has geared up as one of the leaders in the manufacture of all type of plastic bags.

With these four companies as its bases, Thai Nam Group has established itself firmly. The group as a whole has the total production capacity of 10,000 metric tons of plastic products and 2,000 metric tons of rubber bands annually. Almost all of the products manufactured by the group’s four companies are distributed locally with a small quantity being exported to countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, England and The United States of America. The group hopes that with greater efforts, local and export sales volume will increase to a satisfactory level for both rubber bands and plastic products.

One of the reasons behind the group's success is its commitment to quality and prices of the products as standards. This begins with the quality of the raw materials used in the production. All raw materials are carefully selected from leading petrochemical manufacturer to ensure that the end products are of quality. These raw materials go through manufacturing processes, which have been thoroughly and carefully tested each and every step so that production flows smoothly. The products are finally checked by both visual and mechanical inspections before distribution.

Quality Assurance

We assessed and registered by TQCS International Pty., Ltd. and Bureau Veritas (Thailand) Ltd., having the capability to control the quality of goods or services provided in accordance with the conditions of the Licence Agreement under a food safety program incorporating the principles of HACCP complying with the requirements of TQCSI HACCP Code : 2003 is a registered Code for certification against the Codex Alimentarius method of HACCP.